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Interview with Bob Kauflin

Bob Kauflin from Sovereign Grace Music was recently on our campus and spoke to our students. My colleague, Patrick Anderson, interviewed him. I have always been a fan of Bob, and enjoy his blog, Worship Matters. The first few minutes of what he shared with our students were particularly challenging to both me and my students. Below are some of the highlights of what Bob shared.

All the things that go along with musical worship…if they don’t make Jesus bigger in people’s eyes, they doing something that God does not want them to do. Whatever you are doing…your job is to make the people who see you and hear you to think more glorious thoughts about Jesus than about you.

I want people to see people to see Jesus as more glorious, and what he has done, not Jesus generally, Jesus vaguely, but the fact that Jesus left His throne where countless angels were worshiping Him, came into our world through the birth canal of a woman He created, into a filthy stable or cave. Grew up as a boy into a man. Never once disobeyed His father. Perfectly obeyed His father. Endured suffering and torment and death at the hands of those He created so that He could bear our sin. So that we could know forgiveness. Rose from the dead so that we could know what He did really worked. That he really defeated Satan, and overcame hell and death and the grave. Ascended to His Father’s right hand where He is now interceding for us, the One who is the First and the Last, the Morningstar, the Image of the invisible God, the Radiance of the Father’s glory. That’s the Jesus we are trying to help people to see. And the reality is: if we don’t see Him that way we are not going to do a very good job of leading other people to see him that way, and we certainly don’t want to depend on music to help see him that way, because music is not as glorious as Jesus is. Music is great, Jesus is better.

…What we are doing is a privilege. It is a high calling, to be called to intentionally and regularly help people see how glorious Jesus is. The reality of it is is that He is probably not that glorious to some of us right now…I want to challenge you to pursue that above everything else…The more you love Him, the more effective you will be at at want you are doing.

There were many other great things that Bob shared that can be heard in full recording, which can be found on The site is free, but you will need to register to have access to the Media Archive.

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