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My name is Roger O’Neel, and I am currently Associate Professor of Worship at Cedarville University. I am also Director of the Worship Program. You can find out about our program here. Our program has been recognized as one of the top worship programs in the US. I am in my 20th year of teaching, and love what I do. I have served as a worship pastor in a churches in Texas, California, Oklahoma and Ohio. While I currently am teaching, I have a heart for local church congregations, and want to help train them to worship well.

I have had the opportunity to teach at the National Worship Leader Conference, Experience Conference, Worship 4:24 Conference, Exalt Him, Youth Leader Experience Conference, Ohio Worship Leader’s Conference and Worship Summit.

On a personal note, my wife Nancy and I have 6 children ranging from 29 to 16.

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This blog is intended for worship leaders, worship students, and for anyone who has an interest in being a better worshiper. I welcome your comments and feedback, and registration is not required. To protect from spam and malicious behavior, comments are moderated, and may be edited for brevity or clarity.