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My Heart is Full

Last week marked the end of our 4th Annual Worship Camp at Cedarville University. We had 65 campers who were from various churches around the country. They auditioned for the staff and were placed in 6 worship bands with others they had never met.

Even a week later, I still wonder at the sincerity and passion that was exhibited that night. Students seemed to be sincerely worshiping with their whole heart. Testimonies about what God was doing in their lives also were very encouraging.

I think what was most encouraging to me was to see their spirits of working together for a common goal: exalting Christ. Personalities were diminished, solo responsibilities shared, limelight not sought.

I had a great webinar with Jon Nicol this spring about this generation and he blogged on some of their strengths and challenges. I get to work with college students which is a great joy. However, this group of 14-18 year olds reminded me that they are not the worship leaders of tomorrow–they are the worship leaders of today. Keep up the good work guys! We look forward to great things from your generation.

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