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Praise Him with Dance!

Just got a link to a great video that I wanted to share with you. The video was posted yesterday and was made with over 2,000 people from Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX.

Don’t miss the end. What a great way to publically declare your faith, have a great project to unite the church, have a missional dimension to this expression of worship, and be able to share that with the world.

This video was inspired by a video from Hungary. It is equally inspiring.

The people behind the Hungarian dance have inspired a global movement of dance. They have a website that is coordinating 140 groups in 41 countries participate in a dance on Easter Sunday.

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  • dspiliotis

    Not to sound corny, but I actually got emotional watching these videos. How awesome is it that all those people wanted to publicly display their faith in dance and worship to our God like that! Even the older people that struggled to dance, still did it because our God is so worth it! It is time as a church body and as a generation to begin to display our love of God and others, as they did with the shoes, to this broken world. We need to begin to set an example and step up in boldness, even if it is uncomfortable, in order to portray Christ to this hurting world. I praise God for our brothers and sisters who did this. It was extremely encouraging, and humbling as well. I was definitely blessed. Thank you for sharing this!

  • zsantmier

    I have always seen dance as an inferior form of worship and I have almost put a block up to it in a corporate setting. I don’t know why this is; I think the tradition I come from has a lot to do with my view. I was, however, impacted by these dances, the first one especially. I don’t know what caused my immediate change of heart, on this topic, but I really felt God working through that dance. To see the people’s faces and their joy in taking part of something so spectacular really hit home to me and painted a beautiful picture of the body of Christ. This makes me proud to be a Christian. God can use dance of whatever He pleases to bring worship to His name and I think these people did a fantastic job of giving God glory.