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“Hymns for the Christian Life” review

Hymns for the Christian Life
Keith and Kristyn Getty are modern hymnwriters, and are contributing significantly to the music of today’s church. Their music is memorable and their words are impactful. They were on campus last week, and I got to spend some time with them. I was impressed again by their sincerity, servant hearts, and desire to serve the church. They are the “real deal”.

I also enjoyed their new album that just came out titled “Hymns for the Christian Life” available on their website. It was born out of a desire to write songs not only that could be sung in churches in a worship service, but also for songs for the rest of “life”, thus the title “Hymns for the Christian Life”.

The Getty’s intentionality and musically pervades each song. The songs are also well produced by Charlie Peacock, the primary producer of the album. Personal favorites for me include “Before You Kneel”, “A Mother’s Prayer”, “The Perfect Wisdom of Our God”, and “Holy Spirit”.

Perhaps the most impactful is “Holy Spirit”. Songs about the Holy Spirit are few and far between, and often the Holy Spirit is neglected in our worship. As Francis Chan puts it, He is the “Forgotten God”. The song is very singable and is a beautiful prayer that is very appropriate for the Christian life and for corporate worship.


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  • Robert Rhodes

    I was so excited to see them. My church has been doing the Getty’s music for years now and I was so surprised how many people were unaware of there thought-provoking music. And the way he described his writing style made so much sense. So much thought and prayer goes into each of their songs. Definitely one of my highlights of my first year here at Cedarville.

  • Jordan Redfield

    Really enjoyed the song Holy Spirit as well! I agree that far too little attention is given to the Holy Spirit in our worship songs. I love the idea of a song just focusing on the Holy Spirit and it’s work in our lives.
    I think the Getty’s are in a way a direct to what Liesch calls for in chapter one of his book; modern worship songs that are filled with Spiritual truths and are rich and deep in meaning.

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  • Jacob Tudor

    After listening to this song, I was absolutely in awe. What a beautifully crafted piece of music! The passion and prayer like quality of the words is unbelievable- something I think many worship songs are lacking. I also love the focus on the Holy Spirit and would agree that the Holy Spirit is too often overlooked in our worship. This song is a fantastic example of incorporating the Holy Spirit into our worship. This song is would be very profitable in any worship set, and is also would be very profitable and useful to learn from. Furthermore, because I have grown up within a blended church that tends to be more contemporary, the style of this song was incredibly refreshing! The simplicity was so powerful. Often times I feel like I don’t experience worship in this setting enough. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having a band, orchestra, and choir! But sometimes a single voice leading, a piano, a violin, and the prominence of the congregation as the choir are so impacting. Also, I was a huge fan of Gabriel’s Oboe featured with the violin as the introduction/outro. What a phenomenal use of such a beautiful melody with this modern hymn!