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Friday Funny

I still am chuckling over an Easter pageant gone wrong. First Nazarene of Canton, OH had dramatic scene of Christ’s resurrection for this year’s Easter pageant. Apparently, there was to be some kind of special effect as Christ appeared from the tomb, but something went very wrong and caught the tomb on fire. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished before there were significant damages. The pastor also seemed to have a sense of humor about it all too.

You can see the whole video below. Starts to get exciting about 1:21 in.

3 comments to Friday Funny

  • Tim

    hahaha! My favorite part is that the singer just keeps right on going. He never even skips a beat! That’s what I call commitment. Just keep going like nothing is wrong as the church almost burns down around you! He doesn’t even look behind him until about 5 guys with extinguishers run by! Hahaha, great clip.

  • Jacob Tudor

    This is absolutely hilarious! Similarly, we often try to do some kind of special “display” or event at my church on Easter. I remember one year in particular where we had an outside company build a huge, wooden ladder on the platform in order to incorporate a demonstration along with the sermon. The ladder was built in such a way that, when the pastor gave a certain cue sentence, it was intended to completely fall apart (using a mechanism to knock out a bottom piece), toppling down and shocking everyone! However, each service that morning, it wouldn’t fall when it was supposed to. Our pastor was just left on stage awkwardly waiting after the cue line and nothing ever happened! … Until later in the service when it was forgotten, and all of the sudden would randomly work. For the later services, they had someone sit in the organ pit with a string that was tied to the bottom of the ladder as a fallback plan. Even so, that still didn’t work! Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, and when that happens, you’ve just got to be able to sit back and laugh at yourselves 🙂

  • Caleb Gordon

    I feel like when something goes wrong in Easter performances or others like it, it is hardly ever subtle. It either goes exactly as planned or completely the other direction. I do have to say that I respect that it did not stop them from finishing the song. I don’t know if it is because they don’t want to do anything to interrupt the performance and ruin the vibe or what. Ive seen something similar happen at church. The stage was set up for easter and the pastor was praying. There was a guy playing guitar while he was praying and he tripped over a part of the set and fell down with a loud thud! The pastor did not skip a beat in his prayer and still continued.

    Even in our mistakes and our funny moments God deserves all of our worship no matter what happens, even if it does not go according to plan.