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Creating Wonder, Sharing Joy

First, let me say that I don’t like coffee or even the smell of it. I do like my wife and she likes Starbucks, so by default I often find myself in one. So on a date last night, I found myself in Starbucks.

I was struck with their slogan for the holiday season: Creating Wonder, Sharing Joy. It is somewhat ironic, as the only wonder that I get from Starbucks is how they can make so much money from pouring hot water over coffee beans. They are selling flavored water laced with caffeine that makes it addictive. The only “joy” that I share there is seeing my wife enjoy her favorite drink.

Yet, in this Christmas season, I see myself with the same slogan as Starbucks. My end goal, however, is very different. I want to help create wonder by pondering anew what it means that the Word became flesh, and wonder about what “veiled in flesh the godhead see” really means. I want to share joy with those around me.

Right now, I am reading Touching Wonder by John Blase. It is a well-written book, and is free on Amazon for the next several hours. It is helping me with my personal goal for Christmas this year: to try to imagine what it would have been like to be at the manger. What were the sights? Noises? Smells? What would have baby Jesus looked like? God in the flesh? In doing so I want to create wonder and share the joy that I find–true wonder and true joy.

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  • Eric M Stigall

    There is wonder in every cup 😉 I noticed this the other day and thought that the choice of slogan was very misconstrued especially coming from a company that advocates heavily for gay marriage, pro-choice and various other hot button political topics. Thanks for sharing this was an interesting read!

    P.S– You will love coffee before I graduate! 😉 It’s one of my goals haha…

  • Roger

    Where is the “dislike” button when you need it? : )