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Keep Educating Yourself

One of the things I love about being a college professor is being in an environment where learning is always happening. Students learn. Teachers prepare for class: learning and growing in the process. Guests are on campus lecturing about different subjects. Deep conversations about God, faith and life happen often.

One such conversation happened with one of my students. He was one of my classes where I assign a book report on worship. I asked him how his week was going. He mentioned that he was working on his book report (which was due soon). I asked him what he was reading and he said that he was reading “Knowledge of the Holy” by A.W. Tozer. Then, I asked him what he was learning. He replied “that I don’t know anything about God!”

I loved his answer, because it just goes to show that there is always more to learn about God. All Christians should be theologians. We should be lifelong learners. There is always more to know. The more education I got, the dumber I felt because I found out everything that I didn’t know.

Worship leaders should continue to grow in their knowledge and leadership style. Leaders are readers, so worship leaders should be reading new books on theology, worship, music, culture, etc. They should also go to conferences and take advantage of every opportunity to learn. Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity!

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  • Seth

    I totally understand knowing less the more I learn–I feel the same way!

  • Jules Schieferstein

    This is definitely something that I have been learning the past semester. The more I pour into myself the more I can pour back out when leading worship. I’ve made a concerted effort in the past year or so to try and read and study more, and what the student said, “I don’t know anything about God!” is definitely how I feel as I learn more and more.
    There are so many incredible facets to the character of God; I don’t feel like I will ever be able to learn everything there is to know. I love that I will always be to learn more about Him, because the more I get to know Him, the more I will learn to love Him and who He is, which is infinitely exciting.

  • Robert Rhodes

    Thank you for this post! This has probably been one of the most important lessons that I have learned in both of my majors here at Cedarville. The more you learn and think that you know the more you realize that you know nothing (literally). I would add that it is important to also surround yourself with other people that will challenge you to be in this constant state of learning. This can take place in having peers that you respect in music and ministry or having someone to mentor you in both of these areas.

  • Brittney Mitchell

    This just reminds me so much of the mental image I have of approaching the throne as a child. I know that being at Cedarville I have learned musically and spiritually about how much I DO NOT know. The best thing about this is that because of this I realize my need for God more than ever. I decrease so that He may increase.

  • Mitchell McIntyre

    I could not agree more! Sometimes, Christians can dismiss learning deep theology because they don’t feel called into full time ministry or are confused by it. As was said above “all Christians should be theologians.”even more so as worshipers. We need to know why we are worshiping and who we are worshiping. As Matt Boswell says in Doxology and Theology, “we should be worshipers who KNOW RICHLY, feel deeply, and express passionately.” I have experienced this at Cedarville as well because I am always learning something new and though sometimes it can be difficult or frustrating I love it! I often look back and laugh at how much I thought I knew even a year ago. I look forward to constantly leaning more in God’s word and my education even though it can be difficult at times.

  • Rachel Williams

    I love what this student said. “I don’t know anything about God”. And it’s true! We could study and read and learn as much as we can about the day we die, but we will never be able to truly know very much about God. We could have more knowledge of Him than anyone else on this Earth, but we still would barely know anything about Him. It blows my mind to think that He is really that big, and it brings me to a state of awe. It amazes me to think that a Gos so big would care about someone as small as me. Knowing this makes me want to have the best and closest relationship with Him that I possibly can, and I want to do nothing but please Homz

  • Sarah Ingram

    Thank you, Dr. O’Neel, for posting this! I appreciate the truth in your statement “All Christians should be theologians.” I feel that sometimes in our churches we accept what Christ has done for us and even desire to be raised up with him in new life, but we do not take the time to study who God is or what that new life should look like. I know that I am oftentimes guilty of this… I pray that we can truly seek Him and be lifelong learners!

  • Stuart Leach

    I completely agree with the premise of this post. Last semester I was reading through Desiring God by John Piper with a friend of mine from Oklahoma and within the first two chapters my view on sin and purification was radically changed. God is so infinite that we can never know all about Him, but that also gives us a purpose to pursue knowledge of Him as He has enough wisdom to shock and astound us every single day.

  • Bree Trapp

    I totally agree with the statement that there is always more to learn about God. That’s why we dedicate our lives to seeking and loving Him. He’s so gracious to even give us a glimpse of who He is during our short time here. I think this includes learning about worship. i like to talk about the idea of constantly learning and seeking to know more about worship as a “well-rounded worshipper”. There is so much to worshipping God that there will be “spiritual breaths of air” our whole lives — inhaling deeper than before of who God is and who we are in Him. I think it’s a dangerous and prideful place to take on the attitude that we at some point understand worship and have a handle on things, because in reality, we don’t. We should always be students of the Most High God because He holds all wisdom and knowledge and delights to give it to us, and that requires a humble heart.