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What Does the Future Hold for Worship?

Check out my guest posting at In talking to our worship students here at Cedarville University, I believe that there are five trends in worship music for the future. Would love to have your comments here or . . . → Read More: What Does the Future Hold for Worship?

What makes a song “good”?

What makes a song “good”?

As we are discussing worship music in class, my students will sometimes ask “what makes a song good?” Very valid question, and one that everyone in worship ministry should consider.

Perhaps there are other questions that should be asked to get to the heart of the . . . → Read More: What makes a song “good”?

The Next Generation

I am very encouraged as I consider the next generation and the impact that they can have on the church and on the area of worship.

Some specific things that are encouraging:

1. Interest in theology

At our worship camp this summer at Cedarville University, we had over 60 students enrolled. . . . → Read More: The Next Generation

Mission – How Not to Get “Lost in Space”

Last December, an article came out that was very critical of NASA. The article was titled “Expert Panel: NASA seems lost in space, needs goal” and very frank about NASA having a lack of a specific mission statement.

“More than two years after the president announced the interim goal of sending humans to . . . → Read More: Mission – How Not to Get “Lost in Space”

People skills

This past week I was honored to host the New Life Worship Team from New Life Church in Colorado Springs at our 4th Annual Worship 4:24 Conference at Cedarville University. There were MANY things that the team did very well, but perhaps the things that impressed me the most were their humbleness, authentic . . . → Read More: People skills

Lessons from the Locker Room

Recently, I had the privilege of being selected honorary coach for the Cedarville University Lady Jacket’s basketball team. It was a great experience–getting to cheer on the team and watch what happens “behind the scenes”.

While it was just fun to be a part of the whole process, what was most valuable to . . . → Read More: Lessons from the Locker Room

What is missing from today’s worship services?

I was recently asked by Rick Lee James to answer a question on his podcast “What is missing from today’s worship services?” You can catch the podcast here. In preparation for the answer to the podcast, I jotted down some thoughts I want to share with you.

There is much about worship today . . . → Read More: What is missing from today’s worship services?

“Hymns for the Christian Life” review

Keith and Kristyn Getty are modern hymnwriters, and are contributing significantly to the music of today’s church. Their music is memorable and their words are impactful. They were on campus last week, and I got to spend some time with them. I was impressed again by their sincerity, servant hearts, and desire to . . . → Read More: “Hymns for the Christian Life” review

Idol Worship

I used to not think much about idol worship, but I am coming to believe that this may be one of the most detrimental factors in our worship culture today. Certainly we don’t have physical idols that we worship in our Christian churches, but we have things that vie for our attention which, . . . → Read More: Idol Worship

My Heart is Full

Last week marked the end of our 4th Annual Worship Camp at Cedarville University. We had 65 campers who were from various churches around the country. They auditioned for the staff and were placed in 6 worship bands with others they had never met.

Even a week later, I still wonder at the . . . → Read More: My Heart is Full