Grace and Truth

During the Christmas season, a lyric from a song or traditional carol typically jumps out at me in a new and meaningful way. But this year, instead of it being a song that impacted me, it was a familiar verse about Christ’s incarnation from John 1:14.

And the Word became flesh . . . → Read More: Grace and Truth

The Continuum of Excellence, Part 2

In my blog post in September, I gave some thoughts about using a continuum of excellence as a guide to help us improve our ministries and some biblical rationale on why it was important. I want to provide thoughts about some pitfalls of taking this to the extreme and conclude with . . . → Read More: The Continuum of Excellence, Part 2

Piper spilling the “beans”?

Recently, pastor and author John Piper tweeted this:

To date it has more than 1,300 comments and almost 2,800 likes. Foxnews ran a story on it today here. It was an interesting read as Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jewish leaders weighed in on the issue.

“Shots” fired. Expresso-ly at coffee drinkers.

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The Continuum of Excellence, Part 1

As worship leaders, we are charged with helping our groups prepare for Sunday on a weekly basis. Part of that preparation includes rehearsal time in which our groups practice to improve their individual skills as well as playing together as a group. Sometimes, we are helping musicians who only play during . . . → Read More: The Continuum of Excellence, Part 1

In Defense of Modern Worship Style

A headline from a recent article proclaims “There is a reason every hit worship song sounds the same.” The article goes on to quote a study in which the authors say, “if you have ever felt like most worship music sounds the same, it may be because the worship music you . . . → Read More: In Defense of Modern Worship Style


Reports indicate that Asbury University experienced a revival during the spring semester of this year. On Feb. 8, 2023 their regular chapel services didn’t end, but continued for over two weeks until the university stopped the meeting on Feb. 23. This school was no stranger to revival, as it has experienced . . . → Read More: Revival


Recently, I attended a conference and was wowed by the hospitality shown by the event organizers and the host church. Every need from refreshments to signs was anticipated. Greetings by personnel and even someone with a water bottle cart was the norm. The conference was in Houston, so even beyond the . . . → Read More: Hospitality

The Life of a Lifelong Learner

“Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.” – Albert Einstein

To stay current in the field of worship, one must continue to learn about the field and grow as a leader and follower of Christ. New technology, . . . → Read More: The Life of a Lifelong Learner

Reinventing Yourself

Career Change I grew up in a pastor’s home, so I understood ministry well. I didn’t want to automatically go into ministry but did feel God’s call to prepare for my future. I continued my schooling through my master’s degree and felt that Christian education may be where God was calling . . . → Read More: Reinventing Yourself

Your Greatest Ability May Be…

As a professor, I get the opportunity to work with undergraduate and graduate students every day. Our purpose statement is “Equipping Worshipers to Serve.” Part of “equipping” is training students musically to prepare them to serve the local church. Currently, our constituent churches (the churches that send us students and where . . . → Read More: Your Greatest Ability May Be…