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Reflections on the Eclipse

Last week, large parts of the Western Hemisphere experienced a solar eclipse. [As the moon made its way across the face of the sun, it seemed as though the world stopped to watch. I was on tour in Bloomington, IL, with a group of choir students. Watching the eclipse was amazing, . . . → Read More: Reflections on the Eclipse

Grace and Truth

During the Christmas season, a lyric from a song or traditional carol typically jumps out at me in a new and meaningful way. But this year, instead of it being a song that impacted me, it was a familiar verse about Christ’s incarnation from John 1:14.

And the Word became flesh . . . → Read More: Grace and Truth

In Defense of Modern Worship Style

A headline from a recent article proclaims “There is a reason every hit worship song sounds the same.” The article goes on to quote a study in which the authors say, “if you have ever felt like most worship music sounds the same, it may be because the worship music you . . . → Read More: In Defense of Modern Worship Style


Reports indicate that Asbury University experienced a revival during the spring semester of this year. On Feb. 8, 2023 their regular chapel services didn’t end, but continued for over two weeks until the university stopped the meeting on Feb. 23. This school was no stranger to revival, as it has experienced . . . → Read More: Revival


Recently, I attended a conference and was wowed by the hospitality shown by the event organizers and the host church. Every need from refreshments to signs was anticipated. Greetings by personnel and even someone with a water bottle cart was the norm. The conference was in Houston, so even beyond the . . . → Read More: Hospitality

Fear Not

This summer, we took a family vacation to Colorado in May. It was great to see the beauty of the mountains, forests and streams. We took a drive up to Pike’s Peak. As we ascended up to the summit, I started to look down. Big mistake. I grew up in Northwest . . . → Read More: Fear Not

Worship Lessons from the Pandemic

I posted some “Viral Thoughts” a couple of weeks into the pandemic. Now, almost 10 months into the global pandemic, we have a more informed perspective. The virus has caused multitudes of deaths and has continued disrupted life as we all know it. While we recognize the responsibility that we all . . . → Read More: Worship Lessons from the Pandemic

A Strange Glow

My favorite season of the year is fall. There is so much to enjoy: the beautiful fall foliage, the nip in the air, football season, and the smell of wood burning from chimneys and campfires. I’ll also take apple cider or smores any day of the week before pumpkin spice anything! . . . → Read More: A Strange Glow

Embrace the Mess

Our world seems quite upside down right now. We have been dealing with a pandemic for almost 6 month. Churches have been dealing with the virus–to meet or not to meet? Masks or no masks? Race riots are a nightly occurrence. Politics are heating up as we head toward Election Day. . . . → Read More: Embrace the Mess

Viral Thoughts

LYING DOWN I really feel like God has been teaching me to abide in Him this year. One of the songs that we have sung in our choir this year is a setting of Psalm 23, and several parts of that Psalm have stuck out to me recently. I love that . . . → Read More: Viral Thoughts