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As mentioned on the “About Me” page, my heart is in the local church. There are several ways that I am available to consult with you and help your ministry.

1. Seminars for your church
If you are interested in developing your church’s passion for worship, I would certainly consider sharing my heart for developing the heart of a worshiper.

2. Training for your vocalists or praise band
I have training in vocal production and in working with instrumental groups, as well as years of experience working with a variety of vocal and instrumental groups in a worship setting. I have seminars to share with choirs, praise bands, and vocalists, or can spend time working with your groups to help them improve their skills.

3. Consulting with leadership
It has been my joy for the past 20 years to invest in the lives of worship leaders, and to watch their ministries grow and develop. I would be happy to share some of my insight with you as a personal coach or consultant. I also spend a good deal of time talking with pastors about hiring worship pastors, and would be happy to consult with senior pastors, church staff or committees about the hiring process or personnel issues.

4. Worship Leadership
I am also frequently available to lead worship for your church service, event or retreat. Please contact me for current availability.

Contact me here for more information about scheduling