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Piper spilling the “beans”?

Recently, pastor and author John Piper tweeted this:

To date it has more than 1,300 comments and almost 2,800 likes. Foxnews ran a story on it today here. It was an interesting read as Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jewish leaders weighed in on the issue.

“Shots” fired. Expresso-ly at coffee drinkers.

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A Joyful Heart

Prov. 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

I have made it a point to laugh whenever I can lately. I try to tell corny jokes, laugh with my kids, and even laugh at myself. Being joyful is truly good medicine. Just today, . . . → Read More: A Joyful Heart

Friday Funny

I still am chuckling over an Easter pageant gone wrong. First Nazarene of Canton, OH had dramatic scene of Christ’s resurrection for this year’s Easter pageant. Apparently, there was to be some kind of special effect as Christ appeared from the tomb, but something went very wrong and caught the tomb on fire. . . . → Read More: Friday Funny

Friday Funny

Here is a great video that I think you will enjoy. It is by Tim Hawkins, a funny, funny guy!

A Friday Funny

Saw this posted on someone’s Facebook wall today.

3 year old conducts fourth movement of Beethoven’s Fifth.

Make yourself watch the whole thing.  Totally worth it. Really.

Ok – if you find yourself in a hurry make sure to watch from 3:23 forward.

I love this!  This kid looks like he is having a . . . → Read More: A Friday Funny