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Christmas iMusic

Check out this fun video from North Point Community Church in Atlanta.

Not sure exactly what I think about future of iBands, but I think this is fun! Below are the apps being used that someone posted on Youtube in case they roll off the comment page.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree:

Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog
Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist
Danny Grady, electric guitar on intro & fills – Guitarist
Steve Marcia, acoustic guitar on main melody – Guitarist
Jared Hamilton, B3 – Pocket Organ
Sax solo – Saxophone Musicofx
Eddie Kirkland, Percussions (Tambourine)

Carol of the Bells:

Eddie Kirkland, SoundGrid
Reid Greven, NLogFree
Jared Hamilton, Melody Bell
Danny Grady, Guitarist (Nylon String)
Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog (MoreVox Acoustic 1 sound)
Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist
Steve Marcia, Guitarist (Electric)

Here is another video of people doing worship with iPhones. Any thoughts?

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