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This past week officially started spring. The weather is warming up. Flowers are appearing from under the formerly snow-covered ground. It is a great time of year.

This year, it seems particularly meaningful to me. I think it goes deeper than just the change of seasons and the passing of winter. For me, it symbolic of the renewal and revival that I am experiencing in my own life. Coming from a season of personal burnout, spring reminds me of me personally coming back to life.

Christ came as the source of life for us. John records the words of Jesus in John 10:10b “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Life is not just something that we get through–it is to be enjoyed and lived to the glory of God.

My current favorite worship song is “Resurrecting.” It includes a great line that is repeated numerous times: “the resurrected King is resurrecting me.” Typically, we think about resurrection happening after physically death, and for the believer, it does. However, I believe that resurrection is for more than just after physical death. It is the new life that we have in Christ. In baptism, we often end with the phrase “raised to walk in newness of life”, coming from Romans 6:4. That newness of life is not just a future event: it is now.

Revival means to “live again.” It is new life in Christ. It is renewed interest in the things of God. It is living the abundant life that Christ came to bring. I invite you to revival: the spring of the soul.

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  • Macy McClain

    For me, spring is a great time to refocus on not just the resurrection, but revival and renewal. The book of Revelation records Jesus saying that he is making all things new. Another favorite song of mine is “Raised to Lie” by Elevation Worship. This song is a great reminder of how we were dead in our trespasses, but God has made us alive together with Christ. We were once lost, but we are now found because of Christ’s sacrifice. This song reminds me to walk in the newness of life that Christ has bought for me. May that promise carry me forward into the spring and beyond. Happy Spring!

  • Mary Williams

    As a busy college student, this post hits home. I couldn’t agree more with the idea of internalizing the new beginnings that we see outside. I think we all feel that spring is a time of rejuvenation and regrowth after a long, cold winter.

    But I’m very disappointed by the dichotomy of experiencing spring as a college student. Physically and spiritually, I constantly have the desire to be outside, spending time with God, reflective journaling, reading books in topics that interest me, etc. But college life and all of its busyness with classes and homework makes activities such as these impossible. Because of the nature of college life, my heart and mind feel metaphorically “stuck inside” doing busywork when I’d love to “get outdoors” and experience the wonder of new growth.

    As a college professor, do you have any thoughts on this? How can someone manage extreme busywork and leave time for personal growth?

    • Roger O'Neel

      Mary-great question. I think it is all about balance. I’m not sure I am an expert in this, but I love your idea of Sabbath moments, and think that this could apply here. Life is not a sprint–it is a marathon. You can’t run all the time, and candles don’t burn on both ends. Take time for yourself to breathe, and enjoy your Creator and His creation.